Chevrolet Aveo 2023.

The new Chevrolet Aveo 2023 is presented: it is a «Chinese» hatchback for the Mexican market.

Chevrolet is currently using the Aveo name exclusively in Mexico.

Until recently a simple sedan made in China (known as Chevrolet Sail in Celestial Empire) was sold there under this name, and now the presentation of the model with a new body has taken place.

It is a hatchback, which again is a Chinese child — it was built in a joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling. By the way, in China the five-door will be sold under the brand Wuling.

Exterior of the new Chevrolet Aveo 2023 is made in the style of the latest models of Wuling — crossovers Xingchi and Xingchen.

In profile, the car attracts attention with blackened back pillars, due to which the effect of «soaring» roof is created.

The trucks have moderately aggressive headlights, and halogen — LED-elements are present only in daytime running lights.

Modest 15-inch wheels are in the round grooves of wheel arches. There are no pictures of the interior yet, and there is not much information about the equipment.

Chevrolet Aveo 2023.

Aveo is built on the basis of a simple chassis. It has a semi-dependent rear suspension and disc brakes «around the circle».

A 1.5-liter atmospheric engine with 110 hp drives the car. The last one can work with either manual, or automatic.

The model has poor equipment: ABS, rear Parktronic and six airbags.

Chevrolet Aveo 2023.

This information is published directly in Mexican press. In China, the production of cars for the market of Mexico was started in August of the 22nd.

How much will this hatch cost is still unknown. After it we should also expect a new Aveo-sedan, patent images of which have already got into the network.

Chevrolet has unexpectedly announced a new Aveo. On the Mexican market, the hatchback will be released in the first half of next year and by the standards of the class will be well equipped.

Chevrolet Aveo 2023.

The model is developed by a joint venture SAIC-GM-Wuling. It is positioned as an inexpensive car with an attractive design, modern equipment and a wide range of safety systems.

Thus, the Aveo will get halogen projection headlights with LED running lights; two-tone alloy wheels and glossy black decor.

The list of standard equipment also includes six airbags, all-round disc brakes, ABS and rear parking sensors.

Chevrolet Aveo 2023.

Plus, the hatchback is promised a spacious trunk, the volume of which can be increased by folding the rear row of seats.

But until the new model is out, the Aveo is offered to Mexicans as a sedan. It’s actually the third-generation Chinese Chevrolet Sail, renamed Aveo because of its predecessor.

Four-door of the second generation distinguished by the fact, that it got zero stars in Latin NCAP rating, therefore the brand didn’t need extra associations.

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