Transformation Of An Untrained Horse To A Show Jumper

We all know that training a horse it’s very rewarding, it can be also very entertaining, but it is definitely quite a challenge. Especially if you have to deal with young horses, who are inexperienced, too unpredictable, difficult to train, challenging to ride and stubborn. Some behaviors like rearing, jumping, and hesitating can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to deal with them.

If you want to successfully train horses you should have the knowledge, right timing, and the right skills. Every time we interact with horses, not only we teach them something new, but we also learn something new as well, and that is very satisfying.

It takes many hours of handling, riding and working with a horse to train it. We have heard many people who claim that they have trained their horses in less than 30 days but the truth is that if a horse hasn’t been trained, they simply can’t be trained in 30 days. That’s because horses learn by repetition and it takes more than 150 repetitions of a job for a horse to actually learn it.

For example, if you have asked a horse to walk by pressing your legs, and the horse has walked ahead for around 150 times, he will most likely be trained to go ahead at the walk. But that doesn’t mean he is ready to do other tasks because as we said, it takes much longer to train completely a horse than what most people understand.

In the video shown below, you will see an incredible transformation of an untrained horse who managed to turn from an unrideable horse to a showjumper in 6 months. Looks unbelievable? Have a look at the following video for more, and let us know your comments.


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