Mare With One Eye Gives Birth to Rare Twin Foals

The chances of a horse giving birth to live twins are 1 in 10,000. When Pearl the mare gave birth to twins, she not only defied those odds but did so with only one eye.

Oftentimes in the case of twins in horses, one or both of the foals will die during pregnancy, birth, or shortly after. Very rarely do both foals make it to adulthood.

In many cases, if twins are detected during pregnancy, they are aborted due to the high risk of birth for the mother.

Twin Foals Are Extremely Rare

When stud breeder Kevin Spurr saw Pearl had given birth to twins, he was shocked. Not only had the one-eyed mare given birth to twins, but both of them survived birth.

The twin fillies were named Snip and Drip. They received round-the-clock care in order to ensure their well-being.

Farmhand Nicole Kumpfmueller would give the twins antibiotics every morning at either 6 a.m. or 8 a.m.

Experienced veterinarian John Maxwell has been treating horses for 50 years. During all that time, he had never seen a mare and both twins survive past a few weeks.

Due to the rarity of the mother and twins surviving, he finds Pearl and her fillies to be a miracle.

Unlike other foals, twins need to be fed more carefully and need more attentive care.

Since twins are small at birth, they need extra care to catch up in size and avoid any possible complications. The first few weeks are the most vital for twin foals.

Fortunately for Pearl, Snip, and Drip, they all made it past the critical two-week milestone.

The foals and their special mother all appear to be in good spirits thanks to their dedicated caretakers and a bit of luck.

Check out this video to see how adorable Pearl and her twins are!


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