Detecting extremely rare ghost sharks – mysterious creatures on the ocean floor.

Scientists in New Zealand have discovered a newly born ghost shark that is said to help them better understand this “mysterious” creature.

The ghost shark was discovered at a depth of about 1,200 meters at Chatham Rise – an area of ​​the ocean floor located off the east coast of South Island.

The discovery of this “very rare” creature was made in a recent study by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

Phát hiện cá mập ma đáng sợ ngoài khơi bờ biển New Zealand

Discovered extremely rare ghost sharks - mysterious creatures on the ocean floor - 1

Scientists in New Zealand have discovered newly hatched ghost sharks that are said to help them better understand this “mysterious” creature. (Photo: CNN)

As an animal in the deep sea, ghost sharks also have the scientific name of chimaera. Ghost sharks are closely related to sharks and rays.

“This is quite surprising. Most ghost sharks are known to be adults and because such small ones are not often recorded, we have very little knowledge about them,” the scientist said. study Brit Finucci, a member of the research team said.

Scientists have yet to determine which species the newly discovered little ghost shark belongs to. Expert Brit Finucci said more research and genetic analysis would be needed.

Scientist Finucci also said that ghost sharks are especially rare, so their discovery will provide more valuable information for scientists because such sharks “may have requirements.” about different diets and habitats”.

“The juveniles don’t look like the adults and have different colors. Spotting this ghost shark will help us better understand this mysterious deep-water fish,” Finucci said.

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