Migaloo Is The World’s Only Pure White Humpback Whale

We accept nature in all of its forms since we, as humans, are a part of it and cannot exist without it. Nature, on the other hand, has a habit of surprising us with its exceptions.

In this occasion, nature used white to “paint” a humpback whale. Because of its distinctive hue, a whale dubbed Migaloo is an incredibly rare whale.

In fact, this humpback whale is the world’s sole white-colored humpback whale. Consider how fortunate you are to be able to see him!

In reality, several people were quite fortunate and were able to photograph the whale while sailing near Sydney, Australia. This is one in a million chances to witness Migaloo in the sea!

In 1991, this colossus was captured for the first time. The whale has gained a legendary status since then. This magnificent whale is now 31 years old. According to biologists, this breed has a lifespan of up to 80 years.

Let’s not forget that Migaloo is derived from the Aboriginal word for “white guy.”

Despite this, no one knows what causes the mammal’s white color. He could have leucism or be a real albino.

Source: https://dailylifeworld.com

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