The snub-nosed monkey is endemic only in Vietnam.

Information about the snub-nosed langur

The snub-nosed langur is scientifically known as Rhinopithecus avunculus. This is one of the 25 rare and endangered primate species in the world, currently only found in Vietnam.

They are distributed mainly in Tuyen Quang, Quang Ninh, Yen Bai and Cao Bang provinces. With a shy nature, snub-nosed monkeys often live on high trees, rarely go to the ground, if forced to move they will move very s𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁fully.

snub-nosed langur

Characteristics: The snub-nosed langur has dark brown fur, the fur around the face and on the head is light white. The tail is longer than the body.

The snub-nosed langurs often live in herds on high mountains, the leader of the herd has the task of guarding and protecting, when detecting danger, they will cry “chick tsk… chock …” signaling for the herd to escape. Douc langurs usually feed from 6am to 5pm daily, their food includes crushed flowers, leaves, forest lychee, mulberry skin, forest lychee…

This family of monkeys has a very standard standard of living. Parents take great care of langurs. Especially when they have to live in very harsh weather areas. The climate is dry and humid, and the winters are very cold.

Currently, the number of snub-nosed langurs in the wild is less than 200 individuals. Live in herds of 8 to 20 animals. The snub-nosed langur’s enemies are large mammals. The snub-nosed langur is classified as critically endangered in the Red Book of Endangered Species of the World Union for Conservation of Nature and Vietnam.

The species of the snub-nosed langur

  • Yellow snub-nosed langur ( Rinopithecus roxellana)
  • Moupin yellow snub-nosed langur ( Rinopithecus roxellana roxellana)
  • Qinling yellow snub-nosed langur ( Rhinopithecus roxellana qinlingensis)
  • Hubei golden snub-nosed langur ( Rhinopithecus roxellana hupeiensis)
  • Black snub-nosed langur ( Rinopithecus bieti)
  • Gray snub-nosed langur ( Rinopithecus brelichi)
  • Tonkin snub-nosed langur ( Rinopithecus avunculus)
  • Myanmar snub-nosed langur ( Rinopithecus strykeri )

snub-nosed langur

Establishment of the snub-nosed langur conservation area

Fauna and Flora International (FFI) has cooperated with the Government of Vietnam to establish a conservation area for the snub-nosed langur in Khau Ca forest area, Ha Giang province.

This conservation area is called “Ha Giang snub-nosed langur species and habitat conservation area” with a total area of ​​up to 2,000 hectares for 90 snub-nosed langurs. This langur has the scientific name Rhinopithecus avunculus and usually lives in subtropical forests.

However, due to deforestation, there are only about 200 left in the world, divided into 4 types, of which 3 are in China and 1 in Vietnam. The snub-nosed langur is the rarest primate in our country, appearing only in two provinces of Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang. Previously, the snub-nosed langur was almost extinct but was rediscovered in 1990 in Na Hang district, Tuyen Quang province.  

Protection and development of snub-nosed monkeys

  • Khau ca snub-nosed langur habitat management board. And Ha Giang Provincial Forest Protection Department has functions and duties to enforce the law on forest protection and management. To ensure the survival of the snub-nosed langur as well as other creatures in Khau Ca area.
  • The San Diego Zoo in the United States plays a key role in the conservation of langurs in Asia. San Diego Zoo worked with the Ha Giang Forest Protection Department, the management board of the Khau Ca snub-nosed langur species and conservation area, and partners to find a possible solution for human symbiosis. as well as other animals and plants in Khau Ca.
  • Denver Zoo USA has also participated in the conservation project of the snub-nosed langur since 2009. Zoo staff have worked with primary schools in three communes Yen Dinh, Minh Son and Tung Ba of Bac Me district. . Regarding the identification of teaching objectives for students about the snub-nosed langur. Provide students and families with the opportunity to participate in the conservation of this langur.
  • The University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) has been involved in research and conservation efforts for the snub-nosed langur at Khau Ca since 2004. Activities focus on collecting ecological and behavioral data of the species. this object. This is very important information for long-term conservation planning of the snub-nosed langur.

Current status of conservation

In fact, thanks to the efforts of the authorities, violations of the law on protection and management of the snub-nosed langur have been significantly reduced in recent years. Hunting, use and trading activities ceased. People and scientists have discovered a few more young and growing snub-nosed langurs in the snub-nosed langurs at the snub-nosed langur species and habitat reserve in Khau Ca.

snub-nosed langur

Along with promoting propaganda to help raise awareness of the community to protect the snub-nosed langur, the district koans also organize propaganda for people to hand over hunting guns, explosives as well as traps for wild animals. . In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the organization of management, forest protection, and forest fire prevention in the areas where the snub-nosed langurs live.

The conservation of the snub-nosed langur population in Khau Ca also faces some difficulties because Khau ca has a small area, which is not guaranteed for this species to live, survive and develop long-term.

In addition to conservation, raising awareness for people, especially households living near Khau Ca conservation area, is very important and very necessary, creating a habitat corridor for the forest as well as protecting the environment. like the snub-nosed langur evolved.

At Khau Ca nature reserve, the forests of the border areas of Ta Van, Cao Ma Po, etc. There, the snub-nosed langur, the rarest primate species in the world, has been revived by the determination of each individual to preserve. we.

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