Incredible Horse Goes From a Kill Pen to Show Ring Star

Molly had never known a life outside the kill pen until Amber Keller of Akeller Performance Horses stepped up to save her.

When Keller first saw Molly on Double S Kill Pen Horses Facebook Group, she knew the mare had potential. Keller had never rescued a horse before, she had always grown up with well-bred show horses. However, there was something special that stood out about Molly that Keller couldn’t explain, but knew she had to save her.

Keller did what her heart told her and bought Molly from the Thompson kill pen in Louisiana on April 9, 2015, for $650. Molly’s background was an unusual one. Her mother was brought to the kill pen pregnant and Molly was born at the lot.

Instead of being sold, Molly was kept at the lot where she was broke to herd cattle. White scars were found on Molly’s back from saddle sores from her days of working cattle. Veterinarians estimated she was five years old. Molly was not in the best of shape when Keller bought her, as she was 200 pounds underweight.

When Keller started to work with Molly there were some obstacles they had to overcome. At first, all Molly wanted to do was run when she was ridden. Keller patiently taught the mare not to take off whenever she was ridden.

In addition to the work she needed under saddle, Molly was also lacking ground manners. With some hard work and dedication from Keller, Molly was soon thriving. The mare proved to be really good at what she did.

Since Molly had come a long way, Keller decided to list the mare for lease via Facebook. That’s when Erin Pantalone, who was looking for a horse for her 11-year-old daughter Keely Maier, came across the ad for Molly.

Maier, who was a beginner rider, started to take lessons on Molly. The pair proved to make a great match. Maier and Molly went on to compete at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, Texas, where they took home second, two thirds, and a 5th place ribbon.

Thanks to Keller, Molly was given a second chance at life where she is now flourishing. Maier and Molly have grown to be quite the team, continuing to compete at more shows.

Maier’s mother even went on to purchase Molly from Keller. Keller took a chance on buying Molly and it certainly paid off, as the little bay mare has turned out to be a champion.


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