Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023. Live photos of the new Exeed AtlantiX for 1.44 million rubles are published: the crossover will hit the market in December.

The other day Chinese automotive media published «live» photos of the new Exeed AtlantiX 2023 crossover.

Reportedly, the car will be open for pre-booking in mid-December this year at an estimated price of 170,000 to 220,000 yuan (approx. 1,448,000-1,873,000 rubles).

The AtlantiX is positioned as a mid-size crossover and is offered in front- and all-wheel drive versions.

The parkette is available in three colors — red, black and white — and features a new touchscreen steering wheel, pass-through diffusers of the cabin air conditioning system, a wireless charging port for mobile devices, facial recognition and a professional audio system.

In more detail, the front-wheel-drive AtlantiX version comes complete with multicolor ambient interior lighting, 50-watt wireless charging, 540-degree panoramic imaging.

There is a full speed range ACC/AEB, electric luggage door, electric adjustment of the main and passenger seats, heated all seats.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

Equipped with driver seat memory, self-adaptive headlights, electric rear sofa back adjustment, proprietary audio system with 14 speakers, leather interior trim.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

All-wheel drive modification is complemented by adaptive electromagnetic suspension CDC and AR-HUD projection.

In the engine compartment, the AtlantiX is equipped with a 2.0-liter supercharged engine paired to a seven-speed 7DCT transmission.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

It is reported that an 8AT transmission will be prepared at a later stage.

The top speed claimed by the manufacturer is 205 km/h.

Chery Exeed AtlantiX 2023.

The super responsive Flying Fish chassis, first introduced on the new car, features CDC electromagnetic suspension technology, hydraulic vibration isolation system, off-road technology and all-wheel-drive intelligent control.



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