Caught one-eyed albino shark in Indonesia.

Fishermen in Indonesia were extremely surprised when they happened to catch a rare albino shark with only one eye.

Caught a single-eyed albino shark in Indonesia - 1

The strange animal was found inside the belly of an adult shark on October 10. The mother shark died after getting caught in the nets of fishermen sailing through Maluku province, Indonesia.

While cleaning and dissecting the adult shark to remove the intestines, the fishermen were shocked to discover the tiny white shark inside. It is one of three baby sharks but is different from its siblings.

The shark is milky white and has only one eye in the center of its head. Its fins and other body parts have formed.

Caught a single-eyed albino shark in Indonesia - 2

Andy, 29, said he initially thought the adult shark might be carrying a single when it accidentally got caught in the net.

He said: “We found three baby sharks inside its belly. But one of them looks very strange with a single eye. Its color is also strange, like milk.”

The fisherman reported their find to the local maritime office and delivered the rare baby shark to the office. It turns out that the little shark not only has albinism but also Cyclopia, a birth defect that causes an embryo to form only one eye.

Caught a single-eyed albino shark in Indonesia - 3

The shark died as soon as it was found in the womb

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