Cadillac XT3 2023.

As an entry-level crossover in the Chinese market, the Cadillac XT4 has attracted labels like «super fuel efficient» and «honest» since its launch in 2018.

But unfortunately, in the face of price cuts in the BMW X1, Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA, etc., the XT4 doesn’t have much in the way of competitive play.

Cadillac has continued to make some effort in the entry-level SUV market lately, with an XT3 2023-labeled crossover ready for production.

Judging by the spy photos on display, the new car should continue Cadillac’s current family-friendly design style, using iconic designs including vertical daytime running lights and a shield-shaped grille like the XT4 and XT5.

The side showcases the standard SUV representative design: the front strut has a large angle, and the B, C and D are relatively vertical. As for dimensions, no information is available at this time.

The tail section of the test car in the pictures is covered with deaf camouflage, but you can see that the taillights will be decorated with long ᵴtriƥes, echoing the performance of the front headlights.

The dual-sided exhaust system, in terms of style, looks spectacular.

Cadillac XT3 2023.

No information about the XT3’s cabin has been released yet. Considering that the interiors of Cadillac models are similar, it is assumed that the new car will directly copy the layout of existing cars.

Data on the technical characteristics of the crossover are also out of the information field. In all likelihood, under the hood will be installed two power units to choose from, namely 1.5T and 2.0T.

Of course, judging by the information we have received so far, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the future of the new Cadillac parkette, but that does not prevent us to look forward to its release on the car market.

Cadillac XT3 2023.

On the road tests spotted the new «mysterious» Cadillac XT3.

A few days ago a new crossover from Cadillac was spotted on public roads.

It is assumed that the camera lenses caught Cadillac XT3 2023.

However, this name has not yet received official confirmation.

The novelty will take place before the actual Cadillac XT4. In this connection there were assumptions regarding the index.

Cadillac XT3 2023.

However, more detailed information about the crossover should appear in the network soon.

Now it is possible to get acquainted with the design of the model.

On road tests Cadillac XT3 left in a fairly dense camouflage.

And, protection applied double — in addition to the film used a thick black fabric.

Despite such precautions, some details can be seen.

At the front you can see a wide grille with a mesh filling. A similar design is applied to the air intake.

Also here you can see the lighting elements installed in special niches. The wheels are presented with an original complex pattern of spokes. From the side it looks very dynamic and sporty.

Cadillac XT3 2023.

The profile of the crossover is tightly hidden under the camouflage fabric. Side mirrors are made standard, but the body is also hidden under the protective film.

Rather strange and unusual looks the back of the car. The thing is that the silhouette of the mysterious superstructure is visible under the cloth.

Most likely it is made to hide real proportions of the vehicle.

In the lower part the wide exhaust pipes are left open. The aft optics are still in a temporary version.


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