Huge 500lb Lion Befriends 11lb Miniature Dachshund, And They Become Best Friends

The friendship between species is one of the purest and most beautiful things in this world. It blossoms naturally as the animals find love and comfort in their friend’s hugs and cuddles. It’s hard to imagine that a massive lion weighing 500 pounds befriends a miniature dachshund and they become inseparable. But this does happen and melts the hearts of millions. Friendship has no barrier.

The 500-pound lion, named Bonedigger, was born with a rare metabolic bone disease. He met the then two-year-old Dachshund Milo as a cub in the Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and they have been best friends since that day five years ago.

Two other dachsie, Angel and Bullet, also serve as protectors to this king of the jungle. Likely sensing that the lion was disabled and not as much of a threat, the caring dogs put him under their wings, err, paws. They built a special bond with each other and have been living in harmony for 6 years. They couldn’t be happier to grow up with their best buddy.

Mr. Reinke who is the zookeeper said: “This friendship between a 5-kilogram wiener dog and a 226-kilogram lion is the only of it’s kind in the world ever seen”

When Milo and his pack (Bullet and Angel) were first introduced to Bonedigger, they were a bit scared of his majestic manes. But Milo was born to be a cheerful and energetic boy, so he soon approached the lion and befriended him. It worked amazingly.

“Milo does his best to copy Bonedigger when the lion tries puffing to communicate with other lions in the park.”

The pair made a tender relationship and have been inseparable since then. They loved spending time sleeping, eating, walking, and playing with each other. The lion and the dog couldn’t stop cuddling together. They didn’t hide their happiness when growing up with their friend.

“This friendship between an 11-pound wiener dog and a 500-pound lion is the only of its kind in the world ever seen,” John said. “But Bonedigger would only ever be this friendly with these dachshunds. He wouldn’t be so friendly with other dogs – it’s all down to them being pals since he was a cub.”

The grounds of the zoo were flooded and damaged by the recent tornado, but are still managing to provide shelter for its own animals, as well as others (both wild and domestic) who have been displaced and are homeless because of the weather.

The huge lion acts as a big brother. He shares his meals with the dogs and always keeps an eye on them. He also playfully fights with his little friends without hurting them.

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