Audi RS Q e-tron for Dakar-2023.

Germans have presented a fresh version of Audi RS Q e-tron rally SUV for Dakar-2023.

Audi RS Q e-tron rally SUV received a new modification with the prefix «E2» in the name.

It has a number of fundamental differences from its predecessor.

The represented car almost completely repeats the previous RS Q e-tron stylistically, but in fact it has a completely new body and more streamlined (+ 15%).

Plus, the developers have made some adjustments to the layout of the electric SUV, namely, gave up part of the fenders and expanded the cockpit area.

It allowed to reduce the center of gravity and lighten the design of the car by several kilograms. Plus such changes again had a positive effect on the aerodynamics.

Thus, the new version of the rally SUV is lighter and more streamlined.

At the same time it was not faster, and it wasn’t required — the Dakar regulations require a speed limit of 170 km/h.

Audi RS Q e-tron for Dakar-2023.

But these features had a positive impact on the range of the electric car, but Germans do not name specific figures about range.

A new interface for pilots also debuted on E2. It has four main sections: for racing, public roads, various settings and a separate section with error notifications.

Audi RS Q e-tron for Dakar-2023.

This should make it easier for pilots and mechanics. The air conditioner is not working constantly and is switched on only when it is necessary maintaining the temperature in the cabin.

Due to it, the economy of electricity is reached. At the same time Germans have expanded the adjustment possibilities of the climate system for different operating modes.

As before, the rally SUV is driven by electric motors on front and rear axles.

Audi RS Q e-tron for Dakar-2023.

There is also a gasoline engine, but here it is used as a generator.

Productivity of the power plant on the new version E2 is not disclosed yet, but «usual» RS Q e-tron has electric motors that give 670 hp in total.

It is known that Audi optimized the power electronics. In particular, a rally car got more accurate calibration of controllers and revised program to control auxiliary consumers.

Audi RS Q e-tron for Dakar-2023.

Well, due to a number of changes in the underhood space, the developers managed to simplify access to the wheels, which are now much easier to change in the field.

Audi RS Q e-tron E2 will make its racing debut at the rally in Morocco in October 2022.

And here in Dakar the novelty will take part in January of the twenty-third. The cars will be piloted by racers Mattias Ekström, Carlos Sainz and Stephan Petersel.


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