Hilarious Horse Plays Dead When Anyone Tries to Ride Him

Many people have called in sick after a weekend of partying or to escape the work environment for a day. Occasionally, people will even call in sick simply because they aren’t feeling well.

However, a clever horse named Jingang really pulls the trump card- Jingang calls in dead.

To his poor unsuspecting rider, everything seems to be going fine while tacking up. Then when the rider starts to mount, things go terribly wrong.

Jingang falls and lands on his side, his legs are stiff. His eyes roll back into his head and his tongue falls outside of his mouth. He takes a shaky breath and then all is quiet.

It seems as if Jingang has suffered a terrible fate, until his rider turns their back.

Then, the cheeky gelding opens one eye to see if the coast is clear. Jingang springs back up as if nothing has ever happened.

The video below of his antics has gone viral on YouTube, over 3 million people have watched him attempt to trick his would-be riders.

“He’s just playing dead,” sighs the cowboy holding Jingang’s reins. The cowboy makes another attempt to mount and Jingang topples over once more.

Jingang’s incredible acting s𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁s have earned him countless new fans. “That horse should get an Oscar for best death scene in a video.”

One of his fans commented. Another fan could relate to the gelding, “I do the same when my wife wants to go shopping.”

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