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SmalƖ Backyaɾd Wateɾfɑll Ideas for Your Garden Pleasure

Your garden may already be your favorite place to relax with a good book, but you can make it even better by adding a small garden waterfall to it.

Waterfalls are considered to be sources of mindfulness and tranquility in many cultures, so having one in the comfort of your own home could be very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety after long days (and weeks) at work.


If your garden is small and packed with plants as it is, don’t despair: you may still find some space to create a waterfall, albeit a small one.

Stacking up some stones in the corner of your garden will create the base for your waterfall.

Now you need to hook up a small pump to get the water trickling from the top of your stone structure, sit back, relax, and enjoy your new waterfall.

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Take a look at our backyard waterfall ideas to get inspired and design the mini waterfall of your dreams!





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