Use attractive tricolor plants to spruce up your home and garden.

Beautify your home and garden with charming tricolor plants

If you like plants with colorful leaves, then we have some rare tricolor houseplants with a beautiful combination of three colors on the foliage!Here are some beautiful tricolor houseplants that you can add to your room with a unique combination of three colors on the foliage!


Caladium Problems: 10 Common Problems & Questions Answered!Caladium Bicolor – Obliqua

Available in countless shapes and colors, caladiums are a top choice for shady garden beds or containers. Their bold, tropical foliage looks stunning from early summer to frost. Caladium grows from tubers planted just below the soil surface.

Growing conditions: Full sun to full shade (depending on variety) in well-drained, evenly moist soil

For best effect, always plant caladiums in groups or drifts. They’ll look fuller and add more color, plus they’ll help support each other in high winds. Here, a mixed group of pink, white and green caladiums is paired with another shade lover, browallia ‘Endless Illumination’.


As versatile as they are beautiful, cannas are one of the best plants to use if you need to screen a view or provide quick privacy. Aside from its tall height, the canna’s large, paddle-shaped leaves will block all vision. Here, a clump of Tropicanna canna lines a driveway. Dwarf cannas, which grow two to four feet tall, are a good choice for smaller landscapes.

Caladium Bicolor 'Florida Clown' – Xanh Decor

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