Lionel Messi receives stunning hand-painted boots from fan to commemorate Barcelona superstar’s journey

The Argentinian began his career in Rosario before moving to Spain at a young age to fulfil his potential to become one of the all-time greats

Lionel Messi has received a special, hand-painted pair of boots from a fan to commemorate his career.

The Barcelona superstar accepted the rare gift from Paraguayan artist Lili Cantero.

From his childhood back in Rosario to becoming a father to children Thiago and Mateo with wife Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi beamed whilst taking in the extensive artwork.

Some of the signature moments of Messi’s time at the Nou Camp have also been included, notably hopping on to the back of mentor Ronaldinho as a teenager.

Lionel Messi poses with his boots ( Image: lilicanteropy/Instagram)

Lili Cantero’s gift for Lionel Messi ( Image: CEN/Lili Cantero)

The boots tell the story of Messi’s career ( Image: CEN/Lili Cantero)

The design has been brought right up to date with the iconic pose at the Bernabeu after silencing the Blaugrana’s bitter rivals Real Madrid with a last-minute winner.

Messi becomes the latest player to be honoured by Cantero, who has also gifted Paolo Guerrero, Roque Santa Cruz and Derlis Gonzalez and the artist revealed the inspiration behind the work.

“These boots were sent to Barcelona as a gift for the player, they are fully hand-painted,” Cantero said.

“The boots are inspired by the life of Messi, narrating with images its history and how it was working hard to reach the top. From Paraguay with Love, for the world.”

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