Sadio Mane’s dream is revealed as Liverpool’s owners make it a reality

Sadio Mane wants to stay at Liverpool but may face a similar deadlock as Mohamed Salah, according to a report.

Sadio Mane quyết định chia tay Liverpool | VTV.VN

Both Mo Salah and Sadio Mane are about to enter the final year of their contracts at Anfield. Each has been a key player for Liverpool in the Jurgen Klopp era. Therefore, it would be a blow to lose them – but keeping them could be costly too.

The African wingers have been regular starters again this season. As such, they would want any new terms on offer to reflect their status of importance.

Mane turned 30 recently and Salah will too before next season, though. It means the club must weigh up the risks and benefits of increasing their salaries as they approach the end of their prime years.

However, Football Insider are now reporting that Liverpool do want to offer Mane a new deal, just as is the case with Salah.

And the desire for Mane to remain a Red is mutual. However, Liverpool will not break their wage structure in order to accommodate this wish.

2022 African Player of the Year Mane rubbishes talk of Salah rivalry | UK

Therefore, a compromise is required, since the Senegal international feels worthy of a bigger deal. He has already scored 18 goals this season from 41 appearances, so is close to breaking the 20-goal barrier for a fourth time in his Liverpool career.

His progress on the pitch has been obvious, but off it, there has been little regarding a renewal.

But with a mutual desire established, Liverpool and Mane know they are working towards the same target. Whether either can adjust appropriately to make it happen, only time will tell.

Liverpool signed Mane from Southampton in 2016, during Klopp’s first summer transfer window. Since then, he has scored 115 goals in 259 games.

Sadio Mane seals Liverpool transfer from Southampton for £36m | Football  News | Sky Sports

There could be many more to come if the parties are able to meet in the middle over extending his stay. But until then, he will be in a similar stalemate to Salah.

For now, both must focus on what remains of their on-pitch duties this season. Liverpool have won the Carabao Cup and are in the FA Cup final.

Furthermore, they are chasing down Manchester City in the Premier League and will hope to make progress in the Champions League.


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