Heartbreaking Pictures From Funeral Of Kentucky Police Officer Who Was Killed In A Suspected Ambush

A moving photo from the funeral of Kentucky police officer Jason Ellis is the best example of the incredible bond that exists between police dogs and their co-workers.

The agent was killed in a suspected ambush and was buried shortly afterward, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. Ellis’s canine companion, Figo, who worked with him to find drugs and illegal substances, kept vigil by his casket.

“Dogs can smell when someone or something is dead and that allows them to bring closure to something.”

Police Chief Rick McCubbin told the Associated Press that Figo and Ellis were “real partners.” The police dog has been retired from duty and will live with the Ellis family.

An Officer Was Killed In The Line Of Duty. Watch What His Dog Does At His  Casket. | LittleThings.com

Dozens of fellow K-9 officers attended the funeral and, according to the Herald Leader, their dogs could be heard barking from their cruisers:

Hundreds of officers snapped to attention when the honor guard was called; the 60 or so police dogs at the ceremony barked with the sound of the guards’ 21-gun salute.

Ellis, a six-year veteran of the police force, was remembered by Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin, who pledged to hunt down the killer.

heartbreaking scene, a police dog in a Kentucky K9 unit pays his final  respects to his fallen comrade. Officer Jas… | Military working dogs,  Military dogs, Dog hero

“I am your chief, Jason, but you’re our hero and you need to know this chief will not stand down,” McCubbin said. “Jason, my friend, rest easy. We’ve got it from here.”

Ellis is survived by his wife, Amy, and two sons: Hunter, 7, and Parker, 6.

“He paid the ultimate sacrifice doing what he loved, being a police officer,” McCubbin added.

Source:  news.yahoo.com

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